"Here to enrich lives" John Ch10: Vs10

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Fly Tipping

During the Gospel Cafe show, Rob and I discussed fly tipping and how it costs workers time and money to… Read More

Are You Creative?

Are you creative? Knitting, baking, sewing, singing are just some of the ways to be creative! How do you practice… Read More

Question for our listeners

What is your favourite Bible verse and how has it impacted your life?¬† We would love to hear from you.… Read More

Community Element 11 September 2020

In this edition, Covid 19 Scottish Government Guidelines First Aid Advice from St John Ambulance  - Severe Bleeding    … Read More

Power Hour – Live Your Life as if

Power Hour is about applying God's Word in Prayer.  Today our theme is Live your Life as if...this was your… Read More

Do Not Hold Back

On a day which promised much with quiet confidence...it turned out differently into a day of frustration, grinding teeth and… Read More

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